Laravel: Localized Carbon Date String Example
Leonel Elimpe
by Leonel Elimpe
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  • Laravel

I wanted to return a translated date string from a Carbon date object and after some research, used the below solution which worked for me. It is quite brief, do leave a comment if you’ve got a question.


use Carbon\Carbon;

// Create a date object
$date = Carbon::now();

// Get the current app locale
$locale = app()->getLocale();

// Tell Carbon to use the current app locale

 * Set the date format you'd like to use.
 * Here, I use two different formats depending on current app locale.
 * For Example: `D, M j, Y H:i:s` outputs `mer., oct. 21, 2020 15:11:07`,
 *  and `D, M j, Y g:i A` outputs `mer., oct. 21, 2020 3:26 PM`
 * If you have a look at the below function 👇🏻 in the Carbon source code,
 * you'll see it uses the first format mentioned above.
 * @see \Carbon\Traits\Converter::toDayDateTimeString()
$format = $locale === 'fr' ? 'D, M j, Y H:i:s' : 'D, M j, Y g:i:s A';

// Use `translatedFormat()` to get a translated date string
$translatedDateString = $date->translatedFormat($format);

// Now do something with the translated date string 🙂 👋🏻

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