Netlify: Redirect Users by Country or Language

Today at Switchn we had the need to redirect users by country and browser language on our Netlify hosted site. That is, send those visiting our site from English speaking countries to /en/ and those from French speaking countries to /fr/. Also if the user’s browser sends an accept-language header in the request (e.g. accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9), we’d like to take that into consideration too.

1 min read

Format Dates for Humans with Carbon in PHP

I’ve spent like the last 30 minutes searching the web for how to convert dates to human-readable strings with Carbon in PHP/Laravel. Here’s a compilation of a couple of useful Carbon methods for my future self.

~1 min read

Creating a Delayed Input Directive in Angular

Imagine in your app there’s a search input that triggers an http request on each keystroke as a user types in their query. As your userbase grows, search operations quickly become expensive due to the increased traffic to your server.

5 min read

Unit Testing Translation Strings in Laravel

If your Laravel app uses multiple locales, it can get tedious keeping track of translations that are yet to be added to the appropriate translation files, e.g English translations in resources/lang/en/validation.php and French translations in resources/lang/fr/validation.php.

1 min read
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How to get a Reference to the Window Object in an Angular 8 Application

There are many articles on the web showing various methods of getting a reference to the window object in Angular (primarily through the dependency injection mechanism). However those that are popular on Google search are from 2016, 2017, etc, and the methods are mostly overly complicated (understandably).

~1 min read

Why you should use trackBy with Angular’s *ngFor loop

trackBy is a function which will return a unique identifier for each item in the array provided to *ngFor.

Normally when the array changes, Angular re-renders the whole DOM tree. But if you use trackBy, Angular will know which element has changed and will only make DOM changes for that particular element.

2 min read
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