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Creating a Delayed Input Directive in Angular

Imagine in your app there’s a search input that triggers an http request on each keystroke as a user types in their query. As your userbase grows, search operations quickly become expensive due to the increased traffic to your server.

5 min read

Recent Posts

Storing timespans in a MySQL database

I’ve been working on coupon/promotion codes functionality and one requirement is only allowing the re-use of a coupon code after a period of time has passed. It could be a couple of hours, a couple of days, or a month at most.

1 min read

Ionic 4 Swipe Navigation Between Pages

Imagine in your app there’s a page with a list of items, and clicking on an item navigates to and item details page. On the details page, you’d like to be able to swipe left to bring up the previous item, or right to bring up the next item. This post aims to provide an implementation for such functionality.

5 min read

Netlify: Redirect Users by Country or Language

Today at Switchn we had the need to redirect users by country and browser language on our Netlify hosted site. That is, send those visiting our site from English speaking countries to /en/ and those from French speaking countries to /fr/. Also if the user’s browser sends an accept-language header in the request (e.g. accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9), we’d like to take that into consideration too.

1 min read

Format Dates for Humans with Carbon in PHP

I’ve spent like the last 30 minutes searching the web for how to convert dates to human-readable strings with Carbon in PHP/Laravel. Here’s a compilation of a couple of useful Carbon methods for my future self.

~1 min read
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