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Creating a Delayed Input Directive in Angular

Imagine in your app there’s a search input that triggers an http request on each keystroke as a user types in their query. As your userbase grows, search operations quickly become expensive due to the increased traffic to your server.

5 min read

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Safely Ignore Platform Requirements using Composer v2

I’ve learned the hard way that blindly using Composer’s --ignore-platform-reqs can lead to issues like the downloading of package versions that are not compatible with your PHP version. I am on PHP 7.4 but packages using PHP 8 features were being downloaded, leading to this error:

~1 min read

Query Records Created Between Two Dates in Laravel

I have been trying to query records created between the start of the current month and the current date and time. If the current time is 2021-06-10 16:11:04, the query should return records created between 2021-05-01 and this time.

~1 min read

Laravel: Localized Carbon Date String Example

I wanted to return a translated date string from a Carbon date object and after some research, used the below solution which worked for me. It is quite brief, do leave a comment if you’ve got a question.

1 min read

Storing timespans in a MySQL database

I’ve been working on coupon/promotion codes functionality and one requirement is only allowing the re-use of a coupon code after a period of time has passed. It could be a couple of hours, a couple of days, or a month at most.

1 min read
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