Two Ways to get a Form Input's Value in Cypress
Leonel Elimpe
by Leonel Elimpe
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  • Cypress

Given the below form, how do we get any individual input’s value inside a Cypress test?

    <input type="text"
    <input type="tel"

Using Cypress’s API methods

If you need to hold a reference to the value, you can query it using one of the methods below.

cy.get('[data-cy=code]').should(($input) => {
  const value = $input.val();
  console.log(value); // do something with the value
cy.get('[data-cy=code]').invoke('val').should((value) => {



Querying the DOM

You can also retrieve an input’s value by querying the DOM directly.

cy.document().then((doc) => {
    const value = doc.querySelector('[data-cy=code]').value;

Note that to access the test page’s document, we have to use the cy.document() command to obtain a reference. The document you access as a global belongs to the Cypress runner, but the test page is inside an iFrame which has a different document reference.

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