How to access \App\Http\Kernel class instance in Laravel
Leonel Elimpe
by Leonel Elimpe
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  • Laravel

To access an instance of your app’s App\Http\Kernel class, you can use Laravel’s built in resolve() helper function:


$appKernel = resolve(\App\Http\Kernel::class);

I use this in a unit test to make sure a middleware is registered in the $routeMiddleware array of \App\Http\Kernel.


namespace Tests\Unit;

use App\Http\Kernel;
use App\Http\Middleware\SetLocale;
use Tests\TestCase;

class SetLocaleMiddlewareTest extends TestCase
    /** @test */
    public function it_is_correctly_registered_in_route_middleware_array_of_the_http_kernel()
        $routeMiddleware = resolve(Kernel::class)->getRouteMiddleware();

        $this->assertArrayHasKey('setLocale', $routeMiddleware);

        // Assert it's pointing to the correct namespace
        $this->assertEquals(SetLocale::class, $routeMiddleware['setLocale']);